Uitzicht, The tumultuous life of Adri de Visser (Only in Dutch)


International nature photographer Adri de Visser has a turbulent life. A bon vivant and never tied to one place, he travels the world with only his camera and wife as his most prized possessions. A few minutes are enough to give life a completely different turn. A brutal robbery on the busy streets of Nairobi almost kills him. Although he is initially lucky that his life was not taken from him, one challenge after another creeps into his life. How does he cope and how does one life-defining event change his way of thinking? A personal story about finding light in complete darkness.

Julia van Miltenburg makes her writing debut with Uitzicht, a story about her second cousin Adri de Visser. Although she has not written a book before, during her work as an orthopedagogue this talent is recognized several times. In capturing this inspiring life story she sees a challenge.

Note: This book is only available in Dutch.

Title: Uitzicht, het onstuimige leven van Adri de Visser

Author: Julia van Miltenburg

Price: € 18,95, excluding shipping costs

Pages: 160

Format 14 x 21.5

Edition: Paperback

ISBN: 978 81696 548