Good news!


Dear blog friends,

The new year has only just begun and already I can tell you two great things!

First of all, there has been a huge acceleration in the new website, a few bumps, sweat blood & tears it took. But then you have something. I am proud to announce that our new site is online. We have added an extra page called 'movies'. Regine has made hundreds of videos during all our trips of everything; what we saw, what happened on the road, car trouble, what we ate and how we spent the night. Too much to mention but it certainly gives a good picture of our experience of Africa. Two videos lead you to YouTube. This is because there is music under it, which you may not put on your own site. In this way you can solve that, YouTube pays the costs for the music. We still have some ideas for the site, we will work on them in the coming months, but that is still a surprise. If you find any errors in the site I hope you will send it via the contact form ('Contact' page), so we can fix it.

The second piece of news... We have been waiting for a while: Ziggy! Ziggy the dog. Ziggy our child. We were allowed to pick her up a week early because with all her brothers and sisters she didn't get enough rest, the development went a little too fast. With 8 puppies there is always someone awake and he or she is always ready to wake up his or her brother/sister by jumping on top of them or by biting their ear. Because of this the puppies didn't get the rest they need so badly. Puppies need 20 hours of sleep a day and then they have exactly 4 hours to poop, pee, eat and play. Fortunately, she slept well last night, from 23.00 to 7.00. We also found out that three cats and a dog go great together. Ziggy is laying on top of Kenzo so it looks like they are going to be good friends. Friends for life.

Well, this brings you up to date in terms of good news. Of course I will try to keep you informed the coming time about news etc.

Greetings & be kind to each other!