News about this summer!


I really would like to share some news with you!
Its about something wonderful I experienced this summer!
As many of you may well know, I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.
Apart from our weekly meetings in the local Kingdom Hall, we also have a big convention every year!
Sometimes that convention is held at Thialf Ice Stadium, sometimes at Jaarbeurs Utrecht or at other locations.
This year the Jaarbeurs Complex was rented in its entirety, to facilitate all of Jehovah’s Witnesses from the Netherlands, as well as 6000 foreign guests. The result? 42.000 visitors that were presented with an encouraging and inspiring program from Friday morning till Sunday afternoon! It was wonderful to be able to take pictures with complete strangers and at the same time feel connected with them as to family.
People in traditional clothes could be seen everywhere, coming from Colombia, South Korea, Thailand, South Africa, the United States of America, Brazil, Australia and last but not least, Belgium.
In short, they came from all over the world!
Three days of happy faces all around and occasional tears of happiness!! A worldwide brotherhood!
This was the absolute highlight of the year for me and I just had to share it with all of you!
I have attached a link to a 3 minute video
This is a small impression of my experience.
By the way, conventions like the one in the video, were organized around the world this year!
Dear friends, Until the next time!