Stories behind the photos and the Cockapoo


Hello friends 

In my previous life, as a hobby photographer, I took quite a lot of photos.

Nowadays, looking at those photos generates a lot of emotions. I know exactly what happened at the moment I took that photo. Was it hot, was it windy, was I in the car or was I outside, and was I alone or with Regine? You name it. These stories or emotions are secret and hidden from you, because only Regine and I know where the photo was taken, in what precise place and under what circumstances.

So therefore I decided to write down the stories that belong to these photographs that I sell, so that you can also get to know everything that was involved in making them. What happened next to me, behind me, in front of me...I will tell you exactly what happened at that moment. In this way you can, as it were, be in the moment with me. That gives the photo extra value. We have recently changed this on the site. Click if you would like to take a look!

These photos that are printed on Dibond, would look beautiful on the wall in your home. But you can also put them up on the fence to brighten up your garden for example.

We are still optimizing the site by the way. Not everything works as it should yet, it's a work in progress but you will be hearing more about this soon!

I would also like to share some other news from Harderwijk with you. We are getting a new family member! a puppy! And not just any puppy, a super puppy. Namely a 'Cockapoo'. His mother (see photo) is from Wales and his father is a real Dutchman. He works at home under the name: 'Willem de Wippert'. ( William who Loves to make Love) His mother's name is Beertje. Sometimes the reality is worse than your fantasy. We are completely dependent on Willem de W. (as he is called in intimate circles) though, since we are number 4 on the list. So he will have to perform. This should all happen in September. If everything goes according to plan, we can welcome our child sometime in early March. We're not quite sure what we're going to call him or her yet. The first preference was Willem, but that may sound a bit crazy for a female. Willemien or Willeke would be much better! But we want a name that has kind of a ring to it!

We were thinking of the name Rafiki (Swahili for 'friend')since you can also abbreviate this to Raf. But we already have a Jambo and Selphy, so the difficult search for a more Dutch name has started. 

Personally, I also think that Willem de W. will appreciate that effort! We are of course always open to suggestions.

Finally, a short update on my health. Fortunately I can sit in the wheelchair all day again without any problems. My plan is to do extra physio exercises every week to improve my physical condition. Unfortunately my health does not always allow for this but I do what I can. 

Now really last, but not least: I can pick up my new eye prosthesis next Wednesday. This time I opted for a brown one, because it fits better with the color of our Cockapoo.

Friends, see you soon! Enjoy this summer, be kind and see you soon.