A job offer and 38 postcards


Dear friends, Corona, actually I'm kind of done with it. You can't turn on the TV or you'll be confronted with it. Of course it affects me too. You can hardly receive visitors and the few people I speak to or see are my physiotherapist or the ladies from my pgb team. As you may know I need daily care. Fortunately we live in the Netherlands and everything is neatly arranged. For example, we have a budget, PGB they call it. From that budget I can pay people to take care of me. Neatly arranged, of course. Including a pay slip and payment by bank, as it should be. So it comes down to the fact that every morning and evening I talk to people who take care of me and that's the crux of the matter. I have enough budget, but not enough people to help me. They have to be people from the health care field, nurses, viggers or people who are completing training. If we don't have enough people, like at the moment, Regine has to do the care, something that of course is not the intention. This time I want to use this blog as an advertisement. I am still looking for some nice young people to join my team. Are you looking for a part-time job for a few hours a week? The availability you may indicate, it is easy if you live in the area Harderwijk. Working hours are in the morning from 08:00 to +/- 10:00 and in the evening from 21:00 to +/- 22:00 and occasionally in the afternoon an hour. If you want to know more send an email to adridevisser@gmail.comand I also have a video o a short film in which the ladies of the team introduce themselves, so you know where you end up. Of course there must be a click between us, it is so nice that we can talk about more than just the weather. If you are interested, I would love to hear more from you!  

By the way, I also had a creative explosion this week. Result, more than 30 new postcards that Regine has put in the webshop. If you want to take a look at them, you can Click Here

Well thank you, and have a nice day!

Greetings, Adri

We are going to advertise the book through a bookmark. The bookmarks are located at strategic locations, for example at Nora (a hairdresser in Harderwijk), the town hall, Rabobank Zwolle and at my eye specialist Frederique Bak. Of course I understand that this bookmark will become a collector's item. If you are not able to pick it up, you can also get this bookmark in a simpler way. All you have to do is order a book on my site ( and my webshop. Then you get the bookmark for free. I will also sign the first 20 books that are sold and if you like me to write a personal story in them, you can mention that when ordering.

I wish you good luck and have a nice day, enjoy the nice things and see you next time!

Regards, Adri

p.s. The best ideas never come true. I thought it would be fun to raffle Kenzo (our kitten) among the buyers of the book, but that have och not happened. So, unfortunately, that's not happening. But I will keep you posted on new promotions. You can have the photo, of course: