'Uitzicht' and other stories


Dear friends, The last blog of this year has arrived. We are listening to the ‘Top2000’ (a Dutch radio show containing the best hits of all time) and I am going to try to write something fun for you. The book sale is going great and I am receiving amazing feedback on it! Of course you try to make the most of it but it’s always exciting to see how people react. And they do react, like I said, all positive. Not only the story appeals, but also the way my niece Julia wrote it is of decisive nature. A lot of people told me that they have read it in one go. It is of course unnecessary to report, but the book is still available in my shop. In any case, it is advisable to order the book now because then you are assured of the first edition, and if you look at the history of other books the first edition is always worth a lot of money. In other words: a collector's item. I have not yet come across the first resale copies, but I think this will not take long. I was recently a guest at Ruud de Wild on ‘NPO Radio 2’, a Dutch radio program. Here I was allowed to promote my book in the item 'E-reader aanrader' (recommended E-reader). Click on this link to replay the broadcast. It was very exciting and I was a little nervous, but luckily it al went well. Now I would still like to be in the program of 'Beau' (a well-known Dutch presenter), but I suppose that will be next year. 

Let’s get serious. In the near future I will renew my postcards and new copies will be for sale on my site. There will also be a few new photos on Dibond. The 25% discount promotion will also remain in effect for a while, so if you want to re-new your room during this lock down: take your shot!

Enough sales pitch, I will no longer bore you. In any case, this is my last blog of 2020. Thanks for your attention and sweet reactions to my book! Until next time,

Greetings, Adri