Stormy weather


Greetings my sweet blog-friends, 

As you may know, I have been selling photos on Dibond for some time, to the satisfaction of many and myself. Photos on an aluminum profile, hanging beautifully flat against the wall. Everything remains beautiful, the corners do not bend, the color is great. Last summer I hung a number of them outside. I knew that this should be possible, I had been told that after all, but… the reality. Since I haven't had an exhibition for some time, I took the opportunity to hang some photos of my last exhibition in our garden, in all kinds of weather. Since last month also in hail, snow and freezing cold. All photos have one thing in common: they are all still as beautiful as when we hung them outside a year ago. One of the photos, the one in the picture (120x120) was blown off the wall twice by the wind and storm. Of course, this always happens at night, so that the first three times you wonder where that bang came from, and then look out through the snowstorm with a flashlight and find your expensive Dibond print on the tiles. Then we hung it up again, such a strong storm will not happen again any time soon, we thought. You guessed it, a month later the lion was facing the tiles again when another storm swept through the garden. Fortunately he was unharmed, we did use a different screw this time. Strong stuff, that Dibond, I am now an expert in this field and it remains beautiful not only inside but also on the outside. That is why I can now tell you from the bottom of my heart: feel free to buy such a beautiful photo to decorate your garden with.  

Are there any further ideas this year? For sure! The new photo book is getting more concrete, and we (me and Jan Vermeer) are thinking about making it in English. In this way we want to conquer the foreign market. You have to keep dreaming. I can use your help with that. We are looking for addresses abroad (English preferably) of magazines / newspapers / news editions etc where I can promote my book. Furthermore, it will be in the presale, but I will inform you about this in due time.   

Today's highlight: I got a photo emailed from a young girl named Linn who sees me as her great role model for her future career as a wildlife photographer. She is only 5 years old, but on her way to overthrow me.  

I wish you a very pleasant day from sunny Harderwijk 

Regards, Adri