Hello my friends,

Unfortunately I can not see how many times my blog has been viewed. With my last blog, named ‘A job offer and 38 postcards’, it caught my eye that no one reacted to de job offer but a lot of people did react to the postcards. The began to sell right after posting the blog. It’s always nice when people like the work you did, some kind op appreciation. I don’t know what is causes, maybe spring, corona, the boredom or the sun shining outside, but I’m motivated to do some work. Luckily, I have enough ideas as well. First of all, I have a new P.A. (Personal Assistant), who helps me with blogs, emails etc. That makes everything a lot easier. She can type faster than the light and her name is Bente, but maybe more info about her later on. The thought of releasing a new book this year crossed my mind. A new photobook or maybe a revised version. There is enough material for a whole new book, but it’ll probably be a adapted version, supplemented with new photo’s and new stories. All of this in English, not bilingual like my first book. The art will be to sell the book on the foreign market. I am working with my publisher to find channels and sell as many books as possible on them. There are 115 copies left of my first book, Africa Together. The are stored in a box, found in the printing house. When these are gone, we will have sold 5,000. So, if you want to score another book from Africa Together, this is your last chance. Click Click o order the book. On request it will also be signed by me, for this you have to order it on my own site of course. Please also send an extra email asking if I want to sign it for you, then you know for sure that this will happen, the signing costs nothing. When you’re at it, you can also take a look at the beautiful postcards. Send a card in this corona time, you will make friends with it!

In any case, I promise to keep you informed about the progress of the new photo book. I am looking forward to it, it is nice to do something again and to be busy with it. I am awake again. At least during most of the day. Oh yes, I completely forget the book my niece wrote about me, "Uitzicht". Highly recommended, if I say so myself. Again, I still get a lot of sweet and enthusiastic reactions, unimaginable. It is a pity that the bookstores are closed when you publish a book.

Well I quit again, I hope next time I can say something meaningful. I hope you are having a wonderful day!

 Love, Adri

p.s. And of course greetings from Bente