The book and the bookmark


This blog is, as you have come to expect from me, short and sweet. What came before? The book or the bookmark? I won't keep you in suspense too long, the book came before. Now, of course, you're very curious as to why that is. In November 2020, my book 'Uitzicht' was published, written by my niece Julia van Miltenburg and in collaboration with Jan Vermeer. We decided not to have too large an edition, as it might be nice to publish a second edition. The plans were great. We started with a lot of attention; newspaper, radio, television. That was perfect. And the lead-up was good too, a few small problems at, but nothing else. Until the cabinet decided that there had to be a total lockdown because of Corona. Very logical given the course and severity of the disease, but a shame for book sales. All bookstores had to close and the sales we can monitor per day collapsed. The first blow was only a light knock and the boxes of books remained untouched in storage. That is, in our attic and in Jan's shed, where of course they are always in the way. But we'll put an end to that now. We're throwing a gun into the fray. After a few brainstorming sessions, we came to the following conclusion:

We are going to advertise the book through a bookmark. The bookmarks are located at strategic locations, for example at Nora (a hairdresser in Harderwijk), the town hall, Rabobank Zwolle and at my eye specialist Frederique Bak. Of course I understand that this bookmark will become a collector's item. If you are not able to pick it up, you can also get this bookmark in a simpler way. All you have to do is order a book on my site ( and my webshop. Then you get the bookmark for free. I will also sign the first 20 books that are sold and if you like me to write a personal story in them, you can mention that when ordering.

I wish you good luck and have a nice day, enjoy the nice things and see you next time!

Regards, Adri

p.s. The best ideas never come true. I thought it would be fun to raffle Kenzo (our kitten) among the buyers of the book, but that have och not happened. So, unfortunately, that's not happening. But I will keep you posted on new promotions. You can have the photo, of course: