New (Years) Resolutions


Dear friends, 

I should be a little bit ashamed of myself, on the 28th of September 2018 I wrote my first blog with the intentions to do this at least once a month. Now it’s two years later and I have only written 10 blogs so far. My last blog appeared more than a year ago. Well, a lot has happened over the last year. I had three surgeries, which I will not bother you with, but there was also a big highlight to this year: the publication of my biography, written by my great-niece Julia van Miltenburg. We started writing this biography in 2019 and now it’s finished. It is not only available in on my site in the Shop , but also in Dutch bookstore’s such as Primera, Bruna and Life after my accident, all ups and downs, written in 160 pages. When I read this I think: shouldn’t I be working in the advertising business? 

Last Monday we were on national Dutch television at ‘Omroep MAX’, you can watch the broadcast Click Another highlight occurred yesterday afternoon, I went viral at 3.45pm during a live radio interview with ‘Omroep Apeldoorn’. The book sales statistics went sky high. My book ‘Uitzicht’, which translates to prospect, is definitely recommended. Of course, you did not expect anything else. 

I am going to try my best to write a blog post more often, more than nine blogs should be easy to do. Even for me. Warm greetings for you, from Harderwijk! Until next time,