A little exhibition


Dear friends,

It had to remain a secret for a while, but now we can finally reveal: I have a new exhibition in Harderwijk. An exhibition at Fysio Totaal Harderwijk (physiotherapy). Well, exhibition, more like a little exhibition because it is not very big. To be precise, there is one photo, but it is very large, 2 by 3 meters. Customers of Fysio Totaal or curious people can see the picture hanging in the reception, above the stairs. But for you, my English-speaking friends, I have photo’s so you can see it as well. It is not yet possible to say how long the exhibition will last, because the photo is of course also for sale. It will look beautiful in your own office or perhaps at the entrance of your company, as it is now at Fysio Totaal. 

How big something small can be. 

Dear friends, until next time!