Finally, an update!


February 19th was my last blog on this site. Initially it was my intention to write once a week. Or at least once a month! Nine months have past since!

Shame on me! But I would like to improve! I’m going to give it another try! First an update about myself, Regine and our move! Yes! We are going to move! At present we live in an appartment building on the 8th floor.

has a magnificent view on the Veluwe Lake.. But we are moving to an old house from 1938. The house is on the ground floor and completely adapted for my disability. Finally the sounds of birds again, the wind that rustles through the trees, falling rain and cars rushing by. Exactly what you miss when living on the 8th floor! November the 8th is the date of our move. Unfortunately the doctor prescribed complete bed rest for me. I have a few nasty little wounds plaguing me. Fortunately they are slowly getting a little bit better,…. I emphasize: slowly! Thanks for reading my blog again and see you soon!

PS: There is one thing that marked the highlight of my summer! Will tell you all about it next time!