Time Flies


Time flies... And the older you get, the more that seems true. While time can't fly by at all. Anyway, I've never seen time fly by. It's almost November now and a lot has happened. Ready for an update?

Beertje, the mother of our future puppy, fought with Willem de Wipper, the future father. I saw a video of it and it was indeed a fight. But it didn't go well, because they did it again three days later. Now we have to wait for the first ultrasound that will show if Willem did his job well. We are the fourth to make a decision which puppy will spend his life with us, so we hope that Willem had at least the possibility to produce 4 puppies. We also prefer a female, so we will see. After all, time flies.

Also, four weeks ago we picked up our new addition, kitten 'Kenzo'. The first day we slept a lot, but after that a little storm came up. Kenzo flies around the room with tremendous stamina from top to bottom.

He also eats for two and Regine has taught him to fetch (which he does admirably). Regine throws a bundle across the room, Kenzo flies after it, slips on our PVC floor, and faithfully returns the bundle. Eight, nine, even ten times.... Until he gets tired. He's already doubled in size, so soon it won't be a kitten anymore, but a big red male. Time passes. But now to the point. After all, I don't write this blog for nothing, everything has a reason. Regine recently selected some new photos that we printed as postcards. In the webshop you can now choose from 35 different cards, beautiful large format (A5) and sturdy paper. The perfect print and delivered with a luxurious white envelope. Sending a card is currently back in fashion, to friends / children / neighbors / relatives / grandchildren / grandparents, etc.. In short, to all the people you haven't seen in a while, because time flies for them too. That's why I would say, 'Send a ticket!' If you order tickets on the website, there is a 1.95 delivery fee, but if you order 7 or more tickets, delivery is free. I know from experience that you surprise people with that, it's different than an app. It's tangible and you have a nice picture. Several people have framed the tickets and put them on the cabinet or hung them on the wall. You can even decorate your toilet this way. To take the opportunity, I also shamelessly praise my biography 'Uitzicht' (written for Julia van Miltenburg). 160 pages, pure reading pleasure, sensation, intrigue, revelations and experiences in the hospital and during my rehab. Showing my whole life and focusing on the post-accident part of my life. Nice to give away or just have in your closet yourself. If you would like the book signed by me as a 'limited edition' or with a short story in it, order the book through my site and indicate so when ordering / send an email. Of course, I can also send it as a surprise to an address other than yours. If you wish to do so, indicate this in the same way

I see it's already 12:45, time is flying by and my P.A. Bente points out that enough is enough. So I will finish it again. See you soon, I'll be in touch if there's anything to report. Have a nice day everyone, enjoy the nice weather and see you soon!

Regards, Adri