Time Flies - Part 2


Dear blog friends,
Time flies and in my case even faster than I think, although I can think quite fast. But, this is something different. 
As you know, I am working on a new website, a new platform on WordPress. We decided to update and customize the layout of the site. This is because the site still appeals to me. We also added a new page with movies Regine shot during our travels. You can sofist also see moving pictures. Not only of the environment, but also of the things we did with it. I try to replace these videos regularly with new ones to make it more interesting to visit the site again. Of course, the webshop has also been renewed and made more user-friendly. Full of new possibilities, like stories with the photos, enlargement function and you can see dibond photos hanging in the houses. We are also working on promotions.
Almost too many to mention. But as you know, time flies, so you don't have to wait long for them. Kenzo is growing fast and is no longer a "boy" but the same size as Jambo, who is five years older. Next week Regine can visit our new puppy who will be 3 weeks old then. (See below a nice picture of one of the puppies with his eyes slowly opening). Then the eyes open, but with Regine they closed and became blue. This is done professionally in Utrecht for a small fee. She had her eyelids lifted. Hopefully they did not take too much, that seems difficult to me.... Always sleep with my eyes open. So next week, if Regine manages to get her eyes open, she can admire the puppies. We are pretty sure we will get a female, but we haven't found a nice name yet. If you have any ideas to contribute, I look forward to the responses!
Not much has been happening in the normal daily routine. Luckily I got my booster shot last week with no side effects. One of the regular members of our PGB team, the ladies who take care of me, is taking some time off for her internship abroad. This means we are missing someone on our team and are looking for a replacement. Are you or do you know someone in care who lives in the Harderwijk area and is looking forward to this fun job? Part time work, well paid and a friendly team. Just take a look at the photo below! All you have to do is send a message via email telling us something about yourself and sending your resume. 
Until then, of course, you'll hear about the new site as soon as possible! 
See you later!