Pictures tell a story

22 januari 2019


Pictures looks so much better when they tell a story. An easy way to make pictures like this is when you benefiet from the interaction of animals. I tried this during the last years of my life as a photographer. It helps a lot when you are aware of the behavior from the different species. Try to learn as much of the behavior of the animals you want to photograph as you can. It will help you to be a better photographer. Good luck.


15 januari 2019


Finally I'm allowed to get out of bed afther spending 10 months in bed from the beginning of march. I'm waiting for my operation but it can take up to 7 months beacuse there is a waiting list. I'm happy, my new website is online now and I even got some requests for a small exhibition.  Even my webshop is succesfull, I sold some images and a couple of postcards. Very pleased with that. From 27 januari I can show four of my images at the clubhouse of the golfcourse in Lelystad. Grand cafe de Bank in Harderwijk allowes me to show about 10 images on dibond in there restaurant. Starting at the end of march till the middle of june. Any ideas about exhibition are welcome. 



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