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Roller coaster

A lot can happen in one week…
One of the most important things I ask myself every morning is whether the sun is shining. Are we going outside or are we staying inside today? Sometimes important decisions are made. Do I continue on Joomla (the program that I used to make my site), or do I switch to Wordpress?
Will it be Kenzo or Willem? Difficult choices… I'll explain them briefly.

Regine is going to look at a kitten this week (probably already today).
It will be a red-haired Maine Coon, a male.
We do this for Jambo, our other Maine Coon so that he has a play mate.
A Maine Coon is said to be a cross between a lynx and a raccoon, which at least explains why they are so large.
I don't know if it's true. There are several ways to look at this issue.

Kenzo is the name given to him by the breeder, but if it is up to me, he will continue his life under the royal name Willem.
This name suits a male Maine Coon better than a female Cockapoo. That Cockapoo is also soon to arrive by the way... maybe we'll call her Kenzo…

Unfortunately, the plan with my artificial eye got a little ruined, it is brown instead of red. Perhaps the colour can still be adjusted. We'll see.

The next piece of news is that I am creating a new site, based on Wordpress.
It doesn't seem to be much different from Joomla but it will be more simple and modern than my current site though.
In addition, it will also be friendlier for telephone use, as 70% of all visitors view the site on a mobile device.

I will also add some new photos and I will try to write a story about the how/what/where with several photos, just like I did with the photos on Dibond.

I still have a large supply of photos on Dibond that were once used in an exhibition.
Some of those will not appear on the new site, so if you want you can buy them with a nice discount!
If I whet your appetite , please send us a message!

Some other news: Years ago in Reade I promised some guys that we would meet again on Dam Square in Amsterdam on 10-10-2022 at 10.10 am by way of a reunion.

Those guys were the staff of Reade the "Vue" and the ones who looked after me at that time.
I was curious what they would look like 10 years later, whether they would be with or without a partner, with or without children.
I was just curious how their lives would turn out.

Like Nienke, who at the time was only allowed to empty the trash cans and brush my teeth (which she was excellent at, by the way); Has she become a doctor yet?
Things like this pique my interest, and those 10 years have flown by. I'm now trying to find everyone to invite them again, just in case they forgot our appointment.

I'm still looking for some people whose names I've forgotten, so if you read this, please contact me.
That would be great!
Then I can start planning a nice get together, like having coffee together in a place that is easily accessible for a wheelchair or pram.

One person I am still looking for is Merel, an activity counselor in Reade, with whom I had especially nice conversations.
I am also still looking for a sister from the Vue, whose name I have forgotten, but with whom I had excellent conversations especially at night. Please check in! I would love to see you again!
So you see... a lot can change in a week, but also in 10 years.

It is time to close this blog.
If everything goes well, I'd love to see you again on Wordpress.
Of course my domain name will remain usable, there will be a new site with the old name, so you can use the same log in information.

Have a nice day and see you soon! Regards, Adri & Bente

Something I need to share

Hello friends,

I've been hesitating for a long time, but I just want to get this out there. As many of you know, I am one of Jehovah's Witness.
I have been one since I was born, thanks to my parents, and I support this wholeheartedly.
I believe it from the beginning to the end and I am very happy that I can take comfort and courage from it.
Above all, I am very proud to be a Jehovah's Witness.
I was baptized when I was 24, an age when I was fully aware of all it entails and what it takes to be and remain a witness.
The most important thing we as Witnesses do is follow Jesus' commandment to tell people what good things the future holds for us.
This, as we call "good news," is being told all over the world.
Currently in 240 different countries.

There are more than 8.5 million Jehovah's witnesses in the world, according to the most current report. Also 7.7 million people follow a free bible course, which is given by us.
I like to mention that our site has been translated into over 1000 languages.
This is the most translated website in the world. In areas where people speak another language, we open a translation agency on site where active volunteers keep the site up to date.
A gigantic work.
The site is also hosted in 3 time zones, namely in America, Japan and the Netherlands.
Whenever I get on a plane and wherever I go, I can visit the local congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses and there I will find exactly the same education as we have in the Netherlands.
This is a huge organizational achievement.
Now comes the clue to my story.
For several years, Jehovah's witnesses as an organization have been banned in Russia.
After the fall of the wall we were able to move freely in Russia, but that has come to an end. We have been placed on a list of terrorist organizations, such as IS for example.
All our possessions, the kingdom halls for our meetings and Branch facilities have been confiscated by the government parties.
Private gatherings are prohibited.
Our Bible has been declared a forbidden book because we use God's name in it.
As a result, we are taken to court, charged with participating in a criminal organization and in most cases given about 6 to 7 years in prison.
The penal detention center is also possible.
In those cases, children disappear to a re-education camp.
Between all the news about corona, floods, resigning governments and the terrible news of Peter R. De Vries, this news is quickly forgotten.

Many people are not even aware of this.
As an organisation, we will defend ourselves , either on the spot or at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg .
This week I received this video (click here to watch it) from a news organization from America called ABC News. They have a correspondent on site and are investigating the treatment of witnesses in Russia.
I personally found this sad and poignant. That's why I need to get this out this way.

I hope you will take the time to click on the video and watch it. Thank you in advance, enjoy the beautiful weather!

Regards, Adri

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