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Roller coaster

A lot can happen in one week…
One of the most important things I ask myself every morning is whether the sun is shining. Are we going outside or are we staying inside today? Sometimes important decisions are made. Do I continue on Joomla (the program that I used to make my site), or do I switch to Wordpress?
Will it be Kenzo or Willem? Difficult choices… I'll explain them briefly.

Regine is going to look at a kitten this week (probably already today).
It will be a red-haired Maine Coon, a male.
We do this for Jambo, our other Maine Coon so that he has a play mate.
A Maine Coon is said to be a cross between a lynx and a raccoon, which at least explains why they are so large.
I don't know if it's true. There are several ways to look at this issue.

Kenzo is the name given to him by the breeder, but if it is up to me, he will continue his life under the royal name Willem.
This name suits a male Maine Coon better than a female Cockapoo. That Cockapoo is also soon to arrive by the way... maybe we'll call her Kenzo…

Unfortunately, the plan with my artificial eye got a little ruined, it is brown instead of red. Perhaps the colour can still be adjusted. We'll see.

The next piece of news is that I am creating a new site, based on Wordpress.
It doesn't seem to be much different from Joomla but it will be more simple and modern than my current site though.
In addition, it will also be friendlier for telephone use, as 70% of all visitors view the site on a mobile device.

I will also add some new photos and I will try to write a story about the how/what/where with several photos, just like I did with the photos on Dibond.

I still have a large supply of photos on Dibond that were once used in an exhibition.
Some of those will not appear on the new site, so if you want you can buy them with a nice discount!
If I whet your appetite , please send us a message!

Some other news: Years ago in Reade I promised some guys that we would meet again on Dam Square in Amsterdam on 10-10-2022 at 10.10 am by way of a reunion.

Those guys were the staff of Reade the "Vue" and the ones who looked after me at that time.
I was curious what they would look like 10 years later, whether they would be with or without a partner, with or without children.
I was just curious how their lives would turn out.

Like Nienke, who at the time was only allowed to empty the trash cans and brush my teeth (which she was excellent at, by the way); Has she become a doctor yet?
Things like this pique my interest, and those 10 years have flown by. I'm now trying to find everyone to invite them again, just in case they forgot our appointment.

I'm still looking for some people whose names I've forgotten, so if you read this, please contact me.
That would be great!
Then I can start planning a nice get together, like having coffee together in a place that is easily accessible for a wheelchair or pram.

One person I am still looking for is Merel, an activity counselor in Reade, with whom I had especially nice conversations.
I am also still looking for a sister from the Vue, whose name I have forgotten, but with whom I had excellent conversations especially at night. Please check in! I would love to see you again!
So you see... a lot can change in a week, but also in 10 years.

It is time to close this blog.
If everything goes well, I'd love to see you again on Wordpress.
Of course my domain name will remain usable, there will be a new site with the old name, so you can use the same log in information.

Have a nice day and see you soon! Regards, Adri & Bente

Something I need to share

Hello friends,

I've been hesitating for a long time, but I just want to get this out there. As many of you know, I am one of Jehovah's Witness.
I have been one since I was born, thanks to my parents, and I support this wholeheartedly.
I believe it from the beginning to the end and I am very happy that I can take comfort and courage from it.
Above all, I am very proud to be a Jehovah's Witness.
I was baptized when I was 24, an age when I was fully aware of all it entails and what it takes to be and remain a witness.
The most important thing we as Witnesses do is follow Jesus' commandment to tell people what good things the future holds for us.
This, as we call "good news," is being told all over the world.
Currently in 240 different countries.

There are more than 8.5 million Jehovah's witnesses in the world, according to the most current report. Also 7.7 million people follow a free bible course, which is given by us.
I like to mention that our site has been translated into over 1000 languages.
This is the most translated website in the world. In areas where people speak another language, we open a translation agency on site where active volunteers keep the site up to date.
A gigantic work.
The site is also hosted in 3 time zones, namely in America, Japan and the Netherlands.
Whenever I get on a plane and wherever I go, I can visit the local congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses and there I will find exactly the same education as we have in the Netherlands.
This is a huge organizational achievement.
Now comes the clue to my story.
For several years, Jehovah's witnesses as an organization have been banned in Russia.
After the fall of the wall we were able to move freely in Russia, but that has come to an end. We have been placed on a list of terrorist organizations, such as IS for example.
All our possessions, the kingdom halls for our meetings and Branch facilities have been confiscated by the government parties.
Private gatherings are prohibited.
Our Bible has been declared a forbidden book because we use God's name in it.
As a result, we are taken to court, charged with participating in a criminal organization and in most cases given about 6 to 7 years in prison.
The penal detention center is also possible.
In those cases, children disappear to a re-education camp.
Between all the news about corona, floods, resigning governments and the terrible news of Peter R. De Vries, this news is quickly forgotten.

Many people are not even aware of this.
As an organisation, we will defend ourselves , either on the spot or at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg .
This week I received this video (click here to watch it) from a news organization from America called ABC News. They have a correspondent on site and are investigating the treatment of witnesses in Russia.
I personally found this sad and poignant. That's why I need to get this out this way.

I hope you will take the time to click on the video and watch it. Thank you in advance, enjoy the beautiful weather!

Regards, Adri

Stories behind the photos and the Cockapoo

Hello friends,

In my previous life, as a hobby photographer, I took quite a lot of photos.

Nowadays, looking at those photos generates a lot of emotions.
I know exactly what happened at the moment I took that photo.
Was it hot, was it windy, was I in the car or was I outside, and was I alone or with Regine? You name it.
These stories or emotions are secret and hidden from you, because only Regine and I know where the photo was taken, in what precise place and under what circumstances.

So therefore I decided to write down the stories that belong to these photographs that I sell, so that you can also get to know everything that was involved in making them.
What happened next to me, behind me, in front of me...I will tell you exactly what happened at that moment.
In this way you can, as it were, be in the moment with me.
That gives the photo extra value.
We have recently changed this on the site. Click here if you would like to take a look!

These photos that are printed on Dibond, would look beautiful on the wall in your home.
But you can also put them up on the fence to brighten up your garden for example.

We are still optimizing the site by the way.
Not everything works as it should yet, it's a work in progress but you will be hearing more about this soon!

I would also like to share some other news from Harderwijk with you.
We are getting a new family member! a puppy!
And not just any puppy, a super puppy. Namely a 'Cockapoo'. His mother (see photo) is from Wales and his father is a real Dutchman.
He works at home under the name: 'Willem de Wippert'. ( William who Loves to make Love)
His mother's name is Beertje.
Sometimes the reality is worse than your fantasy.
We are completely dependent on Willem de W. (as he is called in intimate circles) though, since we are number 4 on the list.
So he will have to perform.
This should all happen in September.
If everything goes according to plan, we can welcome our child sometime in early March.
We're not quite sure what we're going to call him or her yet. The first preference was Willem, but that may sound a bit crazy for a female. Willemien or Willeke would be much better!
But we want a name that has kind of a ring to it!

We were thinking of the name Rafiki (Swahili for 'friend')since you can also abbreviate this to Raf.
But we already have a Jambo and Selphy, so the difficult search for a more Dutch name has started.

Personally, I also think that Willem de W. will appreciate that effort!
We are of course always open to suggestions.

Finally, a short update on my health. Fortunately I can sit in the wheelchair all day again without any problems.
My plan is to do extra physio exercises every week to improve my physical condition. Unfortunately my health does not always allow for this but I do what I can.

Now really last, but not least: I can pick up my new eye prosthesis next Wednesday. This time I opted for a brown one, because it fits better with the color of our Cockapoo.

Friends, see you soon! Enjoy this summer, be kind and see you soon.


A little exhibition

Dear friends,

It had to remain a secret for a while, but now we can finally reveal: I have a new exhibition in Harderwijk. An exhibition at Fysio Totaal Harderwijk (physiotherapy). Well, exhibition, more like a little exhibition because it is not very big. To be precise, there is one photo, but it is very large, 2 by 3 meters. Customers of Fysio Totaal or curious people can see the picture hanging in the reception, above the stairs. But for you, my English-speaking friends, I have photo’s so you can see it as well. It is not yet possible to say how long the exhibition will last, because the photo is of course also for sale. It will look beautiful in your own office or perhaps at the entrance of your company, as it is now at Fysio Totaal.

How big something small can be.

Dear friends, until next time!


Stormy weather

Greetings my sweet blog-friends,

As you may know, I have been selling photos on Dibond for some time, to the satisfaction of many and myself. Photos on an aluminum profile, hanging beautifully flat against the wall. Everything remains beautiful, the corners do not bend, the color is great. Last summer I hung a number of them outside. I knew that this should be possible, I had been told that after all, but… the reality. Since I haven't had an exhibition for some time, I took the opportunity to hang some photos of my last exhibition in our garden, in all kinds of weather. Since last month also in hail, snow and freezing cold. All photos have one thing in common: they are all still as beautiful as when we hung them outside a year ago. One of the photos, the one in the picture (120x120) was blown off the wall twice by the wind and storm. Of course, this always happens at night, so that the first three times you wonder where that bang came from, and then look out through the snowstorm with a flashlight and find your expensive Dibond print on the tiles. Then we hung it up again, such a strong storm will not happen again any time soon, we thought. You guessed it, a month later the lion was facing the tiles again when another storm swept through the garden. Fortunately he was unharmed, we did use a different screw this time. Strong stuff, that Dibond, I am now an expert in this field and it remains beautiful not only inside but also on the outside. That is why I can now tell you from the bottom of my heart: feel free to buy such a beautiful photo to decorate your garden with.

Are there any further ideas this year? For sure! The new photo book is getting more concrete, and we (me and Jan Vermeer) are thinking about making it in English. In this way we want to conquer the foreign market. You have to keep dreaming. I can use your help with that. We are looking for addresses abroad (English preferably) of magazines / newspapers / news editions etc where I can promote my book. Furthermore, it will be in the presale, but I will inform you about this in due time.

Today's highlight: I got a photo emailed from a young girl named Linn who sees me as her great role model for her future career as a wildlife photographer. She is only 5 years old, but on her way to overthrow me.

I wish you a very pleasant day from sunny Harderwijk

Greetings, Adri



Hello my friends,

Unfortunately I can not see how many times my blog has been viewed. With my last blog, named ‘A job offer and 38 postcards’, it caught my eye that no one reacted to de job offer but a lot of people did react to the postcards. The began to sell right after posting the blog. It’s always nice when people like the work you did, some kind op appreciation. I don’t know what is causes, maybe spring, corona, the boredom or the sun shining outside, but I’m motivated to do some work. Luckily, I have enough ideas as well. First of all, I have a new P.A. (Personal Assistant), who helps me with blogs, emails etc. That makes everything a lot easier. She can type faster than the light and her name is Bente, but maybe more info about her later on. The thought of releasing a new book this year crossed my mind. A new photobook or maybe a revised version. There is enough material for a whole new book, but it’ll probably be a adapted version, supplemented with new photo’s and new stories. All of this in English, not bilingual like my first book.

The art will be to sell the book on the foreign market. I am working with my publisher to find channels and sell as many books as possible on them. There are 115 copies left of my first book, Africa Together. The are stored in a box, found in the printing house. When these are gone, we will have sold 5,000. So, if you want to score another book from Africa Together, this is your last chance. Click here to order the book. On request it will also be signed by me, for this you have to order it on my own site of course. Please also send an extra email asking if I want to sign it for you, then you know for sure that this will happen, the signing costs nothing. When you’re at it, you can also take a look at the beautiful postcards. Send a card in this corona time, you will make friends with it!

In any case, I promise to keep you informed about the progress of the new photo book. I am looking forward to it, it is nice to do something again and to be busy with it. I am awake again. At least during most of the day. Oh yes, I completely forget the book my niece wrote about me, "Uitzicht". Highly recommended, if I say so myself. Again, I still get a lot of sweet and enthusiastic reactions, unimaginable. It is a pity that the bookstores are closed when you publish a book.

Well I quit again, I hope next time I can say something meaningful. I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Love, Adri

P.s. And of course greetings from Bente

A job offer and 38 postcards

Dear friends,

Corona, actually I'm a bit done with it. Switch the tv on and you’ll see all about it, it looks like nothing else can make the news. Of course I also suffer a bit from it. You are hardly allowed to receive people at home and the few people I see or speak to are my physiotherapists or the ladies of my PGB team. As you may know, I need daily care. Fortunately I live in the Netherlands and everything is neatly arranged here. For example, we have a budget, they call it PGB (personal budget). From that budget I can pay people to take care of me. Including pay slip and payment by bank, as it should be. I have enough budget, but unfortunately not enough people to help me. If we don't have enough people, like we do right now, Regine has to do the care-giving. And that is of course not the intention. That is why I decided to use this blog so insert a job offer. Of course this is not interesting for you, my English speaking friends, so I will not bother you with al the details. If you would still like to read it, you can visit the Dutch page of this blog.

But, I would still like to share this video with you. It is part of the job offer. In this video me and the ladies of my PGB team will be introduced, so the candidates will get to know us a bit. Maybe it’s fun for you to watch as well!

I also had a creative explosion this week. Result: more than 30 new postcards that Regine has now placed in the webshop. If you want to take a look at them, you can click here.

Dear friends, I want to thank you for your attention and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Until next time,


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