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News about this summer!

I really would like to share some news with you!
Its about something wonderful I experienced this summer!
As many of you may well know, I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.
Apart from our weekly meetings in the local Kingdom Hall, we also have a big convention every
year! Sometimes that convention is held at Thialf Ice Stadium, sometimes at Jaarbeurs Utrecht or at other locations. This year the Jaarbeurs Complex was rented in its entirety, to facilitate all of Jehovah’s Witnesses from the Netherlands, as well as 6000 foreign guests. The result? 42.000 visitors that were presented with an encouraging and inspiring program from Friday morning till Sunday afternoon! It was wonderful to be able to take pictures with complete strangers and at the same time feel connected with them as to family.
People in traditional clothes could be seen everywhere, coming from Colombia, South Korea, Thailand, South Africa, the United States of America, Brazil, Australia and last but not least, Belgium. In short, they came from all over the world!
Three days of happy faces all around and occasional tears of happiness!! A worldwide brotherhood!
This was the absolute highlight of the year for me and I just had to share it with all of you!
I have attached a link to a 3 minute video. This is a small impression of my experience.
By the way, conventions like the one in the video, were organized around the world this year!
Dear friends,
Until the next time!

Finally an update!

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February 19th was my last blog on this site. Initially it was my intention to write once a week. Or at least once a month! Nine months have past since! Shame on me! But I would like to improve! I’m going to give it another try! First an update about myself, Regine and our move! Yes! We are going to move! At present we live in an appartment building on the 8th floor. It has a magnificent view on the Veluwe Lake.. But we are moving to an old house from 1938. The house is on the ground floor and completely adapted for my disability. Finally the sounds of birds again, the wind that rustles through the trees, falling rain and cars rushing by. Exactly what you miss when living on the 8th floor! November the 8th is the date of our move. Unfortunately the doctor prescribed complete bed rest for me. I have a few nasty little wounds plaguing me. Fortunately they are slowly getting a little bit better,…. I emphasize: slowly! Thanks for reading my blog again and see you soon! PS: There is one thing that marked the highlight of my summer! Will tell you all about it next time!

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Hugs and kisses

19 february 2019

Each picture has its own story. When I showed this picture to Anne-Xin she said oh what cute hugging elephants. To elephants showing affection to each other like humans. Years ago I took this picture in Amboseli, Kenya. Two elephants playing and testing each other’s strength. This is especially important when they get older and want to start their own family. Now 8 years later my eyes paid attention to the ivory tusks and I was curios if they would be still alive today. Few people will know but every 15 minutes an elephant is poached. That’s about 100 each day and 30.000 a year. Killed for their ivory worth 850 dollar each kilogram.



12 february 2019


It takes a lot of patience to make nice pictures. You need luck as well for extra ordinary pictures. This morning we met a couple of lions who killed a hippo the night before. Notch and 4 of his sons were specialized in killing hippos together. Eating a lot of hippo t-bones will make you sleepy and thirsty after all. This son of Notch woke up and was walking towards the small pool next to my car. Normally cats greet each other by rubbing heads but this time they gave a high-five. Maybe because of their wet manes, i don’t know but I was happy with this picture. Luckily I didn’t fall asleep and was sharp so I didn’t miss this shot. (Find more on


Pictures tell a story

22 januari 2019


Pictures looks so much better when they tell a story. An easy way to make pictures like this is when you benefiet from the interaction of animals. I tried this during the last years of my life as a photographer. It helps a lot when you are aware of the behavior from the different species. Try to learn as much of the behavior of the animals you want to photograph as you can. It will help you to be a better photographer. Good luck.


15 januari 2019


Finally I'm allowed to get out of bed afther spending 10 months in bed from the beginning of march. I'm waiting for my operation but it can take up to 7 months beacuse there is a waiting list. I'm happy, my new website is online now and I even got some requests for a small exhibition.  Even my webshop is succesfull, I sold some images and a couple of postcards. Very pleased with that. From 27 januari I can show four of my images at the clubhouse of the golfcourse in Lelystad. Grand cafe de Bank in Harderwijk allowes me to show about 10 images on dibond in there restaurant. Starting at the end of march till the middle of june. Any ideas about exhibition are welcome. 




8 januari 2018
A while ago Henk van Os approached me. He is one of the owners of the company Trendies by Me. They sell in there shop in Hardewijk exclusive ladies clothes. Henk asked me if he could use my pictures for a new brand dividere. You can buy these items in a few shops or online. The webshop is Check this site for a few examples of the nwe collection. I'll keep you posted on any new activities. 

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