About me

I am a nature photographer

Adri and his wife Regine regularly spent their holidays in Africa. In 2010, Adri bought a Land Rover (his dream) in England and shipped it to Africa.

He shot many unforgettable images. He also had the ethics of a true wildlife photographer and took care never to disturb the animals he photographed. 
In October 2012, Adri and Regine went to the Maasai Mara for six weeks. 

When travelling back to Nairobi, a terrible tragedy took place. They were victims of a brutal robbery at the gate of their campsite, and Adri was shot six times at short range, in his stomach, neck and eye. He had already lost 90 per cent of the eyesight in his left eye after being accidentally injured by a bamboo arrow in a childhood game. In the robbery, his right eye was destroyed. He was taken to the Kenyatta Hospital in Nairobi, where they were able to save his life. But the bullet in his neck had paralyzed him from his neck down. Even after more than a year of rehabilitation, he still can hardly move and can no longer see.

wo lives were destroyed that night in Nairobi. Adri is now 56 years old, and his future seems almost unbearable. But he still speaks passionate about African wildlife, and his photographs are even more precious to him now. 

In 2013, the book 'Africa Together' has been published, followed by a biography called 'Uitzicht' in 2020. In addition, it also sells photos on Dibond and postcards. These can be ordered via the webshop.